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About Sunny Ali

Sunny Ali, an experienced eCommerce expert, CEO of Extreme Commerce, and visionary behind EC Incubation Networks. With a mission to empower through eCommerce, he’s transformed lives of thousands across Pakistan, paving ways for opportunities and igniting futures.

Sunny Ali

Renowned entrepreneur and mentor


Offering personalized mentorship


Strategic tactics for entrepreneurs and professionals

What To Expect?

The goal of this zoom video consultation is to give guidance to people who are looking to either create kitchen income or create passive income through asset building or investing.

20 minutes

Reserve up to 20 minutes for zoom video session.

Instant Schedule

You'll be able to pick a time.

Achieve your business goals

ideal for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.


Just $130 for direct guidance from an industry leader.

"Every DECISION in life will push you 5 years ahead or backward

Always get advice of TAJARBAKAR people”

Sunny Ali


Online Business

“Transform Your Business Challenges your victories.”


“Fulfill Your Dreams Beyond Boundaries.”

Life Advise

“Empower Your Choices for a Brighter Tomorrow.”

 Here's What People Are Saying

Rehan Allahwala

“Sunny Ali doesn’t just focus on running e-commerce businesses on various platforms but he is dedicated to revealing fresh income streams and guiding you in the art of wealth creation. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll not only chase your life’s dreams but also pave a path to true prosperity”

Azad Chaiwala

“Sunny Ali’s main focus is on teaching how to earn money through various online platforms. His dream is to help people in Pakistan achieve significant financial success. As a prominent Entrepreneurial figure, Sunny Ali’s advice brings valuable benefits to those who want to learn”

Dennis Yu

“Founder of Extreme Commerce Sunny Ali is the God Father of E-Commerce who enhanced the $200 million economic impact in Pakistan.”

ASA 6-month/1-Year Mentorship Program

Choose the program that aligns with your ambitions and let Sunny Ali
guide you through your journey!.

What's Included?

Monthly Face-to-Face Zoom Sessions ​

Engage in insightful discussions and receive personalized guidance during these one-on-one virtual meetings with Sunny Ali.

Access to Sunny Ali's WhatsApp Number

Benefit from direct communication for text and voice note-based advice and consultations, ensuring continuous support throughout your mentorship journey.

Tailored Mentorship

Address your unique challenges and goals with a mentorship experience designed specifically for you.


6-Month Mentorship:

Transform your business and life with focus.

Ideal for quick & impactful progress.


1-Year Mentorship

Experience comprehensive, sustained support over a year. 

Perfect for long-term growth and lasting transformation.

Voices of Satisfaction

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Terms and Conditions

ASA 6 months or 1-Year Mentorship Program

To ensure a productive and fulfilling experience during your mentorship with Mr. Sunny Ali, we have outlined the following terms and conditions:

Zoom Sessions:

 As a subscriber, you are entitled to one Zoom session per month, with each session lasting for 20 minutes.

Unused sessions cannot be accumulated and carried forward to the following month.

In the event that you are unable to schedule a session in a particular month, no alternative compensation will be provided.

Direct Communication:

You will have access to Mr. Sunny Ali’s WhatsApp number for direct communication.

This channel is to be used for timely responses to your strategic questions or concerns via texts or voice notes.

While Sunny Ali will strive to respond promptly, it is important to respect his time and use this channel for matters requiring strategic insight.

Question Focus:

During your mentorship, please direct your questions towards strategic decisions, planning, and direction related to your business, personal life, and future goals.

Sunny Ali’s expertise in these areas will be invaluable in helping you achieve your objectives.

For technical queries related to Amazon listings and growth, consider our Elite monthly management service, where Sunny Ali personally supervises technical aspects with his team.

By continuing with the ASA 6 months or 1-Year Mentorship Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions.